Taking A Stand Against Domestic And Election Violence In Kenya

Making domestic violence in Kenya a thing of the past is our prime responsibility right now.

In two days time, John Burke Baidoo and Douglas Kinyua will be making it their only responsibility as they begin the Zero Violence254 walk in Kwale.

In many respects, this walk can be termed ‘impossible’.

It’s an epic 1,500 km walk that takes the walkers from Kenya’s deep south and snakes its way 16 Counties, a kaleidoscope of desert, mountain, savanna and plateau terrain landscapes before eventually arriving in Moyale in the middle of May.

John urke Baidoo points ahead as he conducts the recce for the Zero violence254 walk outside Moyale

The team is determined to make the ‘impossible’ walk possible.

Along the way, John and Douglas will walk through vast spans of uninhabited land, the most formidable stretches being the section between Mazeras and Voi along the Mombasa-Nairobi highway and the stretch from Archer’s Post to Marsabit.

In both cases, the road meanders through desert and National Game Reserves with occurrences of meeting wildlife very likely.

In each of these cases, they will have to walk more than 40 km before any sign of humans settlement. But they are not deterred! By God’s grace, they will make it.

It goes to show the level of compassion and determination they have to make this vision a reality.

There will be a lot of domestic violence survivors who will have John and Douglas to thank by the time the walk  concludes at the end of May.

Join John Burke Baidoo On His Incredible Quest!

John smiles as he conducts the recce for the Zero Violence254 walk along the Isiolo-Marsabit highway

Accompanied by Douglas Kinyua of Ripples International, John will be pushing the limits of human endurance by walking 30 km every day.

It’s a distance of 1500 kilometers from the southern-most tip of Kenya in Kwale to Moyale – the northernmost tip of Kenya.

This feat has never been attempted before.

John intends to accomplish it in less than 60 days.

And judging by the intensity of the training marathons he’s been conducting over the last 30 days, he will do it!


The Role Of Ripples International

Ripples International, a non profit organization, supports the walk as part of its agenda to champion the rights of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC); many of whom were victims of domestic and post-election violence in Kenya many years ago.

Championing Awareness Of The PDV Act Kenya

This historic walk will create awareness on the newly enacted ‘Protection Against Domestic Violence Act’, Electoral Violence and also to raise funds for its Access to Justice Program, a legal initiative that assists the less privileged in society with free access to professional legal justice.

This targeted national level campaign will promote new behaviors, amplify the voices against domestic violence and electoral violence to create positive changes in the citizenry, and promote action against the various and merging forms of violence plaguing the nation.

As part of the legal outreach, the duo will facilitate group discussions for adolescent girls and boys to challenge attitudes, promote debate and undertake collective action against all forms of violence.

Want To Donate?

You may not be able to join the walkers on the journey. But you can donate to this worthy initiative.

It only takes a contribution of Ksh 500/-

Simply click on this link, ‘donation instructions’ and you’ll be instructed on what to do.

What we are doing

  • Providing free legal aid to needy members of society
  • Agitating an end to domestic violence in Kenya
  • Creating awareness for the “Protection Against Domestic Violence Act”
  • Championing ethnic sobriety and brotherly love

How can you help?

  • $10 Earns you a delightful ZeroViolence254 cap
  • $15 Buys you a trendy Zero Violence254 branded jersey
  • $50 Buys a Step of the Zero Violence254 1,500 km walk
  • $100 Enables a displaced family earn legal assistance in recovery of family property
  • $500 Will provide legal aid for 5 people