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Adopting a child is one of the most compassionate acts you can do. One that adds blessing beyond measure and one that gives a child a new future. We'll guide you step by step through this process.

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Ripples International is a child focused organization dedicated to saving and serving Children through community focused initiatives in Kenya.

Ripples International, child centered civic society in kenya

We believe in empowered children in an empowered community. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned in our bid to ensure that every child has a right to life, health, security, safety and education. By saving as many abandoned babies as possible, we save an entire generation. Who knows? Maybe the baby you rescue may be a future President of this land?

taking care of abandoned babies in Kenya New Start Center Meru, Ripples international

As a child focused civil society organization, Ripples International commits to rescuing and serving children through community focused initiatives in partnership with stakeholders as inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Ripples International, Tumaini Center

We recognize the importance of this unique call to divine service and work to defend it. We therefore consider our role in service as worship to God thus we continually remind ourselves that “Service is a divine responsibility to save lives and give hope to the glory of God”.

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Our Staff & Volunteers

These are some of the exceptional staff members who make our work so worthwhile.

  • Mercy Chidi Baidoo
  • John Baidoo
  • Gerald Gichanga
  • Gideon Gichamba
  • Jennifer Gitonga
  • Japheth Murithi
  • Kevin Kinoti
  • Timothy Mawira
  • Triza Kairu
  • Douglas Marete
  • Catherine Gatwiri
  • Fridah Kaimenyi
  • Aileen Kanana
  • David Mugambi
  • Ida Njeru
  • Beatrice Kairuthi
  • Bruce Mugambi
  • Douglas Kinyua