Ripples International is happy to help with any query you may have.

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions we have received over the years.

Whether you have a question about how to make a donation, sponsoring a child, getting involved in our work, or perhaps you want to adopt a baby, there’s an answer for that below.

However, we do welcome any other question you may have. Email to get a quick response.

Where does Ripples International get its resources to support its projects?

We receive our resources from local and international donors, local and international friends, well wishers and NGO grants.

NGO Grants go to particular projects like establishment of self help groups in Samburu and Northern Meru, women empowerment workshops, poverty relief projects and education projects.

Our main donors are Kindernotifle (KNH), the Steven Lewis Foundation, Brenda Boone, and many local well wishers.

What kind of support would be needed to sustain the projects?

Our needs vary depending on the project or campaign direction.

However our daily function revolves around providing care, support, counselling, food and nutrition, clothes, shelter and legal assistance to the girls and babies under our care.

The best way to support this is through a cash contribution which is then channeled to the pressing need at that point in time.

We discourage physical contributions of clothes and sweets, because we have a high number of babies and girls at our Centers. To avoid creating impressions of favoritism (where some girls/babies receive different clothes and others don’t) we prefer to receive money to fund clothes for all the children at a go.

How can I make a financial donation?

You can send your contribution via the following avenues


Bank Wire Transfer

Bank Deposit (For Kenya/Africa contributors)


Western Union

If you prefer mail, you can print out our donation form and post your cheque along with your donation form to

Ripples International

P.O BOX 1236 60200, Meru

9 km from Meru town, along the Meru-Ruiri Highway

Every contributor receives an official receipt for their contribution. You are encouraged to list the specific project you would like your contribution to go towards.

The projects are:

  1. Brenda Boone Hope Center ( Tumaini) – Shelter and care of sexually defiled girls.
  2. New Start Center (Polaski Home) – Shelter and care of abandoned babies
  3. Samburu Loruko Project – women’s micro-economic empowerment in Samburu
  4. Ribui Primary School feeding program – Monthly feeding program for 300 students in Ribui primary school in Northern Meru.
  5. 160 Girls Project – championing the right for every girl victim of sexual abuse receive fair hearing and trial in court.
  6. Access to Justice – free legal aid and family law inheritance advise and support for needy people.
  7. Needy Child School Fees at Ripples International Christian Schools -Sponsoring a needy child from Tumaini with school fees for a year.
  8. Athwana Self Help Women Group and Empowerment.




We have not commissioned any external individual or agent to receive funds on our behalf.

Make all your cheques payable to RIPPLES INTERNATIONAL.

If you are making a cash payment, make it at the main Ripples International office at Kithoka, Meru or deposit it into our main Ripples International bank account.

You will receive an official receipt from Ripples International. In the event you don’t, please contact us immediately on (+254) 0 734 948 077


How can I be assured that the donations I make will reach the beneficiary?

As stated above, when you make your contribution, clearly state the project you are dedicating it towards.

This will ensure that you reach an understanding of the expectations and outcome of your contribution enabling us to respond to you with a detailed breakdown of how your monies were spent.

In the case of funding a needy child’s school fees, you receive a Student Child Pack that details the name of the child, the overall amount of school fees required (annual/monthly) and needs.

Thereafter, you then receive a detailed report for that child -grades, general school performance, funds expenditure and student expense priorities.



Can I donate for a specific purpose?

Yes, you can.

We actually encourage you to do so. Please see the needs you can contribute towards above.

If your donation’s specified need is not mentioned, we will still allocate the funds accordingly based on unmet program needs and notify you in due course.

Are there Non-Financial Ways I Can Get Involved?


Please visit our Get Involved Page to find other ways to make your involvement count.

We appreciate your support.

Can I sponsor a specific child in school and how much would it cost?

Yes, you can.

The cost to sponsor a child for a year at Ripples International Christian Schools – Nahal Academy is approximately:
  • $200 per annum for children in Primary day school.
  • $1,200 per annum for children in Primary and Secondary boarding school.
  • $2,000 per annum for Public University ( This are cases where your sponsored child graduates from our school system and enrolls in Public University.)
This is dependent on the prevailing dollar exchange rate.
This caters for school fees, school supplies and personal upkeep and medical expenses.

How do I correspond with my sponsored child?

You can correspond with your sponsored child via registered post.
Address your letter to Ripples International, P.O Box 1236 60200 Meru, with the name of the child indicated as the recipient.
Our teachers will then hand over the letter to the child.
As long as your mail details are inserted in your correspondence, the child will respond to you via registered post. Ripples International will pay for all postage charges.
In addition, your sponsor child’s details are included on the information pack that you receive when Ripples International notifies you regarding your successful sponsor application.
You will also receive an update on your sponsored child once a year with a photograph of the child every Christmas season.
Kindly note that your sponsored child will respond to any letter or card that you might send to them in the course of the year.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes it is.

Most revenue authorities offer tax exemptions on donations including the United States Government and the Kenyan Revenue Authority (KRA).

We will provide you with the necessary documents you need when filing your returns.

One of the most important documents you need is one you receive immediately upon sending a contribution – an official Ripples International receipt.

To get your receipt, or to get more assistance, email our Finance Department on

Can I donate gifts in kind?

We kindly request that you do not send gifts in kind to children supported by Ripples International, due to strict adherence to our Child Policy.

Considering we shelter many children, we aim to give every child equal numbers of the same item to ensure we don’t encourage impressions of child favoritism.

Moreover, we may already have sufficient gifts in kind (clothes, toys, books, etc) in stock, which could be the items you may want to supply.

It is best to send money as we can then allocate it to the best possible use.

However, you can send a separate donation with instructions for specific gifts to be purchased for your child within Kenya.
Every donor gets a feedback report and receipt for donations received by Ripples International.

Who do I contact if I have any questions concerning my sponsored child or any concerns?

Send any questions you may have to the Executive Director, Mrs Mercy Chidi Baidoo via email; or

She will get back to you as soon as possible.

For matters concerning operations, please send an email to:

Can I visit the project activities?

We would be so happy for you to come over and visit our projects and learn more about Ripples International!
As mentioned above, we have four key projects that are worth your time.
  • Brenda Boone Hope (Tumaini) Center.
  • New Start Center.
  • Ribui Primary School Feeding Project
  • Samburu Game Reserve and the Loruko project
  • Meru Museum
  • Meru Tea Factory
We need one (1) month’s notice to prepare for your visit.
We usually host a large number of mission teams at our complex and they experience a wonderful time touring these projects, and ministering to our girls and babies.It’s your turn too.
First things first…
Please keep in mind as you prepare for your visit that when you arrive at Ripples International, you will be required to sign a Press Policy and get a Gate Pass from the Executive Director’s office to approve your visit.
We do not allow impromptu visits.
Please note that if you are traveling from outside Kenya, you may need a VISA. (Find out here which countries are eligible for Visa’s)
If you are traveling from East Africa, a VISA may not apply, but you will need to fill in a Travel Pass at the border point of entry.
Feel free to contact us to make arrangements on the same.
Please read our comprehensive guide on Planning A Mission Trip to Kenya and particularly to Ripples International for detailed information on sights, sounds, travel logistics and must-do activities.

Is it possible to volunteer at Ripples International?

It is.

We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities at Ripples International in the following areas:

  • 160 Girls Project.
  • Tumaini Center.
  • Community Service.
  • Finance and Administration.
  • Missions and Outreach.

Click here to read our Volunteer Policy.

Who is Ripples International accountable to?

One of Ripples International’s core values is “accountability”.

We are therefore accountable to many stakeholders including:

  1. The Government of Kenya
  2. Meru Law Courts
  3. Ministry of Special Programs
  4. Our Donors
  5. Parents of pupils in our school