Get Involved

We have a number of ways for you to get involved in our projects.

See some of our popular options below.

1.Become A Volunteer

Ripples International regularly allows volunteers in our organization.

Volunteers usually work in all the departments for a specified period of time. Upon consultation, we may assign you to a specific role, like in the 160 Girls program.

We have a Volunteer form that you are required to fill in. Once you fill it in and send to the Executive Director, you will be notified of the outcome of your application.

2. Get Involved In Our “Say-A-Prayer” Daily Marathon

We can never get enough of prayer. In fact, we begin all our days with prayer and bible study.

God is the reason we are here. So we always keep Him at the forefront of everything we do. That means one of the most important ways you can help us is by praying for our organization every day.

We have a daily prayer list and knowing that you are committing us to God every day through our ‘Say-A-Prayer” daily marathon would be the most amazing thing you can do for us.

3. Become A Partner

Become a #TeamRipples partner! To become a partner, you would make a contribution every month that will be allocated to your preferred project.

We will also include you in our newsletter.

Our projects include:

  • Adili (Access To Justice)
  • Tumaini Shelter
  • New Start Center
  • Community Services
  • Food Distribution Program (Samburu Loruko area)
  • Education Fund for needy pupils (Meru North)
  • School Fees for needy students at Ripples International Christian schools
  • Adoption Center
  • Boresha Medical Clinic
  • Capital Projects (Dining Hall/Kitchen Block for Ripples International Christian schools), Tumaini Factory Washing Machine


4. Start A Workplace Campaign

Mobilize your friends to pay Ripples International a visit! Or perhaps, you can gather your friend together and hold a Ripples International related activity. This is what I mean.

You could use your prayer time to visit the center and hold the babies as they sleep.

You could spend your lunchtime praying for the organization.

You could post inspirational messages that we may repost on our blog page!

You could simply start a conversation with someone in the office about the work that Ripples International does in the community and see if you attach Ripples International as one of your CSR activities.

5. Spread The Word Via Twitter

Join our ever expanding twitter community and help keep the conversation going by sharing insightful tweets, retweeting our messages or posting inspirational messages. Your assistance would surely help!

6. Fundraising Initiatives (create an event)

One of the best things you can do is create a fundraising event where all the proceeds go to Charity. Some ideas that would be excellent include:

Car Boot sale

Pull your friends, family and church members to participate in a Car boot sale. As the name suggests, each vendor sells household items in the boot of their car. A portion of the funds goes to Charity.


This is one of the most engaging events you could hold. Get a couple of vendors. You could be the vendor yourself! Produce some posters and spread them around town. As some of the local brands to sponsor the event and showcase their products and services during the party. Whip up a sumptuous menu and get the event started. For a small cover charge, each visitors gets a massive discount at one of the stalls. All proceeds go to charity.

Community Sports Tournament

We’ve held these tournaments below in Meru North and Samburu to resounding success! You can build on that to organize your own Charity sports tournament.

Spend 3 weeks promoting the idea to local groups in your area – from Church groups to schools, sports clubs, women groups, etc.Each of them have two weeks to form and train as a team.

Make an exciting roster of activities like ‘7-A-Side football’ to netball, ‘4-Man basketball’, the 50 meter dash, obstacle race, the strongest man/woman contest, ‘King-of-Ugali’ contest and more.

Talent Show

One of the most exciting things you can do that will leave a world of good is a talent show.

Everyone has a talent. And everyone wishes that they could show their talent to the world. Here’s your chance! this is how the kings of comedy we see in ‘Churchill Live’ are born.

Again, spend three weeks promoting the idea to your local groups and institute a cover charge for participation. Approach your local sports center and ask them to sponsor as a venue partner. Give everyone two weeks to practice until perfect.

Then on the final day, open the doors to the public who pay a cover charge to see the greatest talent of the town on display!

Singing Competition

Similar to the talent competition, you can actually hold this one as a separate entity instead of combining it with the talent show. Approach the local brands and ask them to sponsor the prizes for the Overall winner, 1st and 2nd runners-up.

Mini Walk

Choose a Sunday and get your friends, family and church members to stage a walk around town, all for a worthy cause.

All these  activities are cost efficient and don’t require significant money to implement. You could even use our facility to carry them out.

For all these activities, you charge patrons a cover charge for attendance and draw a lot of excited publicity because of the community nature of the event.



In case you are interested in  pursuing any of these ideas or seeing how you can develop a local event chapter, contact our Public Relations Office.

They will be more than happy to help out!