Kwale To Nairobi In 17 Days!

Recapping The Epic Zero Violence Walk So Far

This Is The Stuff Of Champions!

On Wednesday 15 March 2017, John Burke Baidoo and Douglas Kinyua stood firm and tall at the Lunga Lunga Police Post, Kwale County at 6.30 am ahead of a daunting 1,500 km walk.

Glancing at them, you wondered what was going on in their minds.


After all, a mammoth 1,500 km lay ahead of them, through coastal tropical plains, savanna, hilly terrain and plateau and savanna terrain.

For the hundreds of people who had gathered to witness the launch of the Zero Violence254 Walk, I’m sure the same questions passed through their minds.

Incredible Progress So Far

Yet, on Friday 31 March 2017, a triumphant John and Douglas stood with their hands held high at Uhuru Park, Nairobi.

They had just completed 660 km from Kwale to Nairobi in record time, 3 days ahead of schedule.

Uhuru Park – The Place Of Historic Milestones

Zero Violence254 Walk: Kwale to Nairobi

John Burke Baidoo celebrates his arrival at Uhuru Park on Friday 31 March 2017 during the ongoing Zero Violence254 Walk.

Uhuru Park is the ideal spot to celebrate this milestone.

Every momentous history-changing occasion has been held and celebrated at Uhuru Park.

It’s the place of destiny. The place of life-transforming decisions, the place of pivotal change.

The Zero Violence254 Initiative is a pivotal changing moment in time, one moment that will bring more awareness to a neglected group of people who suffer silently and painfully.

Survivors of domestic violence for the most part are unseen, unheard and unknown.

For every case that is reported to the Authorities, there are 20 more cases that go unnoticed, mostly because the survivors are too scared to speak out, and don’t know their rights under the Constitution.

This walk changes all that.

The amount of civic education that has stemmed from the last 15 days as a result of this walk has given more insight and top of mind awareness on the constitution of domestic violence and the exact process of steps to take in such situations.

Now, every person who undergoes such treatment in the hands of offenders will know exactly what to do. They will know exactly what constitutes domestic violence.

They will be emboldened to speak out against any such treatment against themselves, their family members and friends now that they are protected by the Constitution.

Triumphant Arrival In Nairobi

This was one of the things that made the Zero Violence254 team’s arrival in Nairobi such a momentous occasion.

It shows that we are winning!

As John Burke Baidoo, Douglas Kinyua and Douglas Marete approached Nairobi, they received a great show of support from well wishers.

Family and friends joined the group at Athi River, a bustling commercial town on the outskirts of Nairobi, and walked the remaining 40 km to Nairobi together with the team.

As they walked, they brought traffic to a standstill as people noticed their unique T-Shirts with the magnificent Zero Violence254 logo emblazoned on the back and front.

The group was all smiles as they walked majestically forward, the day’s finish line approaching ever so fast.

The hoots and honks from motorists as they recognized this group gave the group added strength and cheer to push on.

We’re Already Half Done

The Kwale- Nairobi leg is pretty significant for a number of reasons.

Half the Zero Violence254 walk is done.

What was touted to be the toughest part of the walk – one that would take the walkers through Game Reserves, long stretches of abandoned country and imminent danger from wild animals – is now behind the team.

What lies ahead of our champion walkers is a brisk walk to the central part of Kenya, an area dominated by the steep hills on the foothills of Mount Kenya, before descending into desert country that will take them north to the center-most part of Kenya (Isiolo) and then northwards to the Ethiopian-Kenyan border town of Moyale.

Their next milestone is the county of Meru, sitting at the foot of Mount Kenya.

This part of the journey is relatively shorter. More importantly, there are rest stops and commercial centers every 15 km, so progress and restoration of supplies is faster and more convenient.

At this pace, the team will arrive in Moyale by the 5th of May.

The (Impossible) Walk Is So Possible

15 days ago, people wondered whether the walk was even possible.

Now, as the group stands at Uhuru Park, we all know the (impossible) walk is possible.

You Play A Part In This Momentous Event

You too have a role to play in this walk.

You can buy a step for every step that John and Douglas have completed so far.

In fact, why not buy a sequence of steps?

You can opt for a pack of 10 steps at Ksh 500/- per step or 20 steps at Ksh 500/- each.

John and Douglas have done their part in creating history. It’s your turn now.

To contribute, donate by going here.

Let’s make history together!

Zero Violence254 Petition

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