• New Kitchen/Dining Facility – Nahal Academy

      Construction began in June 2016 for new Kitchen/Dining facility for Nahal Academy. The newly expanded dining hall facility will be able to accommodate our growing student population at Ripples International Christian Schools, Nahal Academy.
      $0.00 donated of $100,000.00 goal
    • 160 girls project, Ripples International, Ripples, Ripples International in Meru

      The 160 Girls Project

      The “160 Girls” project is a legal advocacy initiative that aims to achieve justice and protection against rape for all girls in Kenya. At the time this project was launched in 2011, the Centre had sheltered over 160 defilement victims, between the ages of 3-17 years of age, who needed access to justice.
      $11.00 donated of $2,000.00 goal
    • ripples international, samburu people, the samburu at loruko

      The Samburu Loruko Project

      Loruko is one of the biggest success stories emanating from Samburu. Thanks to the diligence of self help groups, established in the area, Samburu women are discovering new sources of livelihood that enable them generate income to feed their families.
      $0.00 donated of $65,000.00 goal