We promise to rescue as many abandoned babies as possible and give them a chance at life, despite their background, surrounding, ability or lack thereof.
We promise to leave no stone unturned in our quest to give them a home through adoption, or restoration to their families.
We endeavor to rescue and rehabilitate as many sexually defiled teenage girls as possible from a life of sexual stigma, shame and embarrassment.
Through life skills, coaching, training and counseling, we restore their dignity and zest for life, and eventually release them back into society to continue with their life story.

Our Vision, Mission And Goals

Our Vision

To provide an environment for love and care for abandoned, neglected and vulnerable babies while reinstating them in loving and caring families.


Our Mission

To rescue, rehabilitate and restore abandoned babies below two years and to promote their rights, in partnership with stakeholders, as inspired by the loving ministry of Jesus Christ.


Our Goals

  1. To ensure and promote the physical, social emotional and spiritual well being of the every child.
  2. To provide a home, a family, love, care and positive living environment
  3. To protect and promote the rights and interests of every child.
  4. To create awareness to the public on ways in which they can participate in the babies in crisis.


volunteer at ripples international

Volunteering at a Charity is one of the most noble things you can do. And it brings a whole lot of blessings.

Every one of our volunteers, whether from Canada or USA have been profoundly impacted by volunteering to a mission to Ripples International in Meru.

Find out more about volunteering opportunities at Ripples International by contacting communications@ripplesintl.or.ke

spread the word, twitter, follow ripples international on twitter

One of the best ways you can help us is by becoming part of our ever-expanding community on Twitter and helping us spread the word!

How, you may ask?

Well, first tell all your friends about the work we do is rescuing girls who have been sexually violated. Tell your friends there is an Organization that rescues abandoned babies and gives them a new chance at life. Tell your friends to keep their eyes on the ground and notify us the minute they suspect foul play when it comes to teenage girls, or they hear of an abandoned baby. Let them get in touch with us, so we can work with the Police to rescue, rehabilitate and eventually restore them to the community.

Retweet! Use the hashtag #TeamRipples and wish us a prayer. Your interaction and prayers matter so much to us!