Baby Shelter And Reintegration

Ripples International is a child focused organization dedicated to saving and serving Children through community focused initiatives in Kenya.
A Loving Home for Babies in Crisis


New Start Centre is one of Ripples International programs, born out of the desperate situation that faced HIV/AIDS and orphans in Meru, Kenya. This was informed by a real life encounter in 2001 where one baby died out of neglect by the family who saw no use of taking care of an HIV positive dying baby. Our hearts were painfully pierced with this

experience out of which God confirmed to us the need to start a rescue home where such babies would not have to die but find love, hope and life. It is one of a few centres in Kenya that specialize in rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned babies below three years. The centre caters for physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of the children.

That singular goal we started off with of rescuing abandoned babies and rehabilitating orphans and vulnerable children in society has reaped massive rewards. Thanks to our work, we have expanded our focus to key community development initiatives related to women and children in Kenya.

Our Vision

Providing an environment for love and care for abandoned, neglected and vulnerable babies while reinstating them in loving and caring families

Our Mission

To rescue, rehabilitate and restore abandoned babies below three years and to promote their rights, in partnership with stakeholders as inspired by the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Our Goals

To ensure and promote the physical, social emotional and spiritual well-being of the every child.
To provide a home, a family, love, care and positive living environment.
To protect and promote the rights and interests of every child.
To create awareness to the public on ways in which they can participate in the babies in crisis


RI New Start Centre is a temporal home for the abandoned, neglected and children at risk to physical, emotional or social afflictions either from the family members or the entire community. The home shelters children between 0-3 years. Just like the title, the department offers a “new start” to these vulnerable children to enable them connect with their past is corrected; medically, socially or otherwise.

Baby Rescue & Shelter Care

The babies are dumped in the pathways, dustbins, abandoned in hospitals and even pulled out of pit latrines. These cases are countless around Kenya; we cannot save all of them, but we can save some of them as they come to us. At New Start Centre, we revive their lives; we give love and restore hope, we are God’s hands to them. We provide a safe, caring environment for each child. Here they are fed, clothed, offered medical care and are given an education. We play with them, we smile, and we laugh, and have fun.

Adoption & Foster Care

We believe each child is better off in a family of loving parent(s). We look to God in prayer to find a family for each child. We give them out for adoption or fostering to individuals who have decided to make a lasting difference in the life of a child. We are guided by the laws of Kenya

You too are welcome. When you partner with us you can adopt a child, or donate to support the life of a child at the centre.  Lean how you can lawfully adopt a child in Kenya 


The children start attending school from three years, at Ripples International Christian Schools- Nahal School.  We pay their tuition fees; buy school uniform, and learning materials to attend Kindergarten and primary school.

You can sponsor a child and lay their foundation for a sure way out of vulnerability and give sure hope for a better future. Learn how you can sponsor a child

New Start Centre

You can adopt a child, foster a child, or donate