HIV And Aids Interventions

Ripples International is a child focused organization dedicated to saving and serving Children through community focused initiatives in Kenya.
Keeping the promise for children living with HIV

HIV And Aids Interventions

Living with Hope – Living with HIV

Ripples International’s HIV interventions came to be in response to the devastating effects of the HIV pandemic and this has continued to be one of the main programs since 2003.

Over 9,000 children and guardians have been reached directly and indirectly through diverse HIV initiatives.

Your support has helped salvage lives that were once hopeless but now living in great optimism facing the future with confidence.

Children who were once toddlers condemned to die at age 5 are now teenagers, and teenagers have turned into young adults who are self-aware and leading their own destinies.

This work is not about to end soon.

Ripples International continues to carry on these initiatives for as long as there is still no cure for HIV.

Many communities in Africa still have high levels of ignorance, lack access to treatment and economic opportunities.

That singular goal we started off with of rescuing abandoned babies and rehabilitating orphans and vulnerable children in society has reaped massive rewards. Thanks to our work, we have expanded our focus to key community development initiatives related to women and children in Kenya.

Treatment and counselling access

Targeting children under the age of 18 years, and their guardians and members of the community, the turning the tide of HIV through new infections is an ongoing endeavor. We facilitate children access continuous treatment, trauma counseling and adherence to drugs.

School and Education Access

We have supported the children to school, some have completed studies and have taken control of their future, and others are still enrolled in primary, secondary, colleges and universities.

Advocacy and Justice

We empower the children and their guardians on their human rights, we build their capacity to demand for their rights from those responsible. They learn to seek for justice and protection from discrimination, exploitation, and disinheritance in family property rights.

We are not only saving lives but laying foundations for future generations free of HIV and living in prosperity.



HIV And Aids Interventions

Keeping the promise for children living with HIV