Spiritual Nurture for Children

Ripples International is a child focused organization dedicated to saving and serving Children through community focused initiatives in Kenya.

Spiritual Nurture for Children

Spiritual Nurture for Children

RI is a child protection organization. We acknowledge that children are gifts to the world carrying all the potential they need to fulfill their God-given purposes; to contribute to social and economic development. We know that they need care, love and protection from those charged with the responsibility to do so; the parents, the teachers, the leaders, the churches, the community and the government.

In reality, however, we know that children world over continue to be threatened by various forms of violations such as sexual violence, child labour and child marriage, among other things. Such violations are detrimental to the development and growth of children, limiting the manifestation of their full potential.

How does Ripples International address these?

RI has programs that work to create a safe and enabling environment for the children to thrive and experience the love of God. These programs are tailored towards the specific circumstances of the children; we reach them in schools, in homes, in churches, and the general community.

We work with churches, Christian children’s organizations to carry out trainings for school teachers, the nannies, and all child minders. We develop child friendly materials and help acquire bibles and relevant Christian literature which are distributed to churches, schools and children’s homes.

You can be part of this by helping us get bibles for every child.

Staff Spiritual formation

We engage our staff, management and senior leadership to grow in knowledge and understanding of their Christian faith; to be transformed and conformed to the image of Christ and to serve knowing that we serve God when we serve humanity.

All who join RI are oriented and trained to ensure that their values align with RI and are helped to develop a clear understanding of RI Christian identity and witness and how this affects their professional life and engagement with staff, the program beneficiaries and the rest of the community.

We do this in harmony and inclusivity for all denominations promoting spiritual growth and maturity of the staff

We achieve this though:

  • Staff devotions,
  • Prayers times,
  • Worship,
  • Bible studies,
  • Staff Retreats and training.
That singular goal we started off with of rescuing abandoned babies and rehabilitating orphans and vulnerable children in society has reaped massive rewards. Thanks to our work, we have expanded our focus to key community development initiatives related to women and children in Kenya.

Latest Activities

2020 RI Prayer Commissioning day

Every beginning of the year the RI family congregates to dedicate the New Year to God. It brings together, the staff, representatives of the boards of management and trustees and the members of the church clergy. Participants take turns to pray over issues identified and as the Lord leads during the meetings.

All staff are dedicated and various leaders commissioned for service for the year. We have seen God’s favour over the years and RI family acknowledges the guidance and leading of God in the programming and the support we continue to receive from various partners and donors. It is a time to give thanks to God on behalf of the beneficiaries, the partners and donors and the government of Kenya.



Spiritual Nurture

Ripples International is a child protection organization.