Zero Violence254 Walk: Arrival In Meru

The Lap to Meru

As the crew enter Meru town today, you could say the finish line is closer at hand.

That’s because the terrain gradually straightens out from Mountain country to flat plains and eventually flat semi desert as the team proceeds from Meru to Isiolo.
But this day is especially emotional.

Reunion With Family And Friends

You see Meru is the crew’s home town.

Most of the friends and family are eagerly waiting to see our triumphant team of walkers and ready to give them a standing (or should we say walking) ovation.

After 28 days on the trail, nothing warms the spirit than seeing the ones you love by your side.

It’s The Stuff of Champions

This is the stuff of champions.
Who would have thought that John and the team would have completed over 800 km in less than 30 days?

And right on the brink of Easter, it means that john, Marete and Kinyua can enjoy a well deserved break with family and resume the trail come Tuesday 18 April.

And what a welcome they got from friends and family, and we captured it all on camera for you to enjoy.

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