Zero Violence254 Walk

After The Achievement Of A Significant Milestone…

It was time to set out to achieve another milestone, this time completing the final leg of the Zero Violence254 walk: the distance from Meru to Isiolo and eventually Moyale.

It’s Thursday 13 April 2017.

After a brief rest, the Zero Violence team was on the road again – this time to Isiolo.

The Walk To Isiolo

Isiolo is a 52.4 km distance from Meru.

There are no two towns that are as opposite in character like Meru and Isiolo.

While Meru sits on the foot of Mount Kenya, at an altitude of 5,100 meters above sea level, in an area of mixed forest, large plantations, heavily cultivated rural farms, small towns, factories and a bustling city; Isiolo lies at an average altitude of 200-300 meters above the sea level. Some areas of the county go up to 1000 meters above sea level, characterized by sandy soil, semi arid, flat desert land. Temperatures naturally lie in the region of 35-40 degrees.

After a session of successful visits with the Police Commandant Meru, The Member of Parliament for Meru North and the Women’s Representative among other key stakeholders, the Zero Violence254 team was invigorated and ready to face another session on the road.

On The Road To Isiolo

And this time, they were not alone.

Members of Sifa and Trinity Church, Meru came out in dozens to support them and walk the full 40 km km stretch to Isiolo.

In the process they brought traffic to a standstill as motorists stopped to look at the 50+ walking community.

What a wonderful show of support from the Meru community and all for a good cause.

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