Impact Statistics

Since 2002, Ripples International has invested $2,000,000 towards the rescue and rehabilitation of sexually abused girls in Kenya.

10 key donors have supported our work from inception until today.

We have 3400 documented success stories of girls and babies we’ve rescued from traumatic and humiliating sexual defilement and in many cases inevitable death.

Ripples International has rehabilitated 3456 girls, rescued 402 babies and empowered more than 17,000 women with micro-enterprise resources and skills.

Priority Area (%)

  • Rescue Of Sexually Defiled Girls
  • Rescue Of Abandoned Babies
  • Community Services
  • HIV Awareness and Prevention
  • Free Legal Aid and Resources

Donors From Inception (Contribution Amount in %)

Kindernothilfe 65%
Brenda Boone 85%
The Polaski Family 78%
Steven Lewis Foundation 66%
Global Christian Initiative 18%
World Children's Fund 23%
Geneva Global 44%

Prominent Highlights

Other than the rescue and rehabilitation of sexually defiled girls and abandoned babies, Ripples International has helped create legal history – through a series of landmark rulings that have been admired around the world.

160 Girls Project

One of this landmark legal rulings is the 160 Girls project.

 May 27, 2013, 160 Girls from Meru, Kenya; all of them victims of defilement/rape, made legal history with the help of lawyers from around the world.

Through a Constitutional challenge holding the Kenyan state accountable for the Police treatment of defilement claims, the girls/petitioners secured access to justice for themselves and legal protection from rape for all 10,000,000 girls in Kenya.

The High Court of Kenya ruled that the police treatment of the “160 Girls” petitioners’ claims violated their human rights, and that the police treatment of defilement had created a climate of impunity for defilement, which rendered them indirectly responsible for the harms inflicted by the perpetrators.

The “160 Girls” project is a legal advocacy initiative that aims to achieve justice and protection against rape for all girls in Kenya.

At the time this project was launched in 2011, the Centre had sheltered over 160 defilement victims, between the ages of 3-17 years of age, who needed access to justice.

That figure now stands at over 366 and continues to rise by the week.

The aim of the “160 Girls” project is to hold the police and the Kenyan state accountable for the enforcement of defilement laws, and thereby meet their duty to protect girls in Kenya from this most appalling form of violence.

Watch the 160 Girls Video Here

The Ripple Effect of 160 Girls

In Canada today, an organization with the same name is now in force, enforcing international practice to this landmark ruling in Kenya.

The 160 Girls project is a legal initiative that aims to achieve justice and protect against rape for all girls in Kenya.

The 160 Girls Organization, made up of Canada’s top lawyers, works pro bono in providing their time and legal expertise in court cases defending sexual abuse victims in Kenya.

In addition, they apply landmark judgements and applications of this historic landmark ruling to enforce the rights of girls in Canada.

Thus the ripple effect of our work can be felt around the world.

Ripples International Annual Report 2014

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