Education is a foundation for a future out of poverty.

Every child has the right to access safe, quality education.

However, world over millions of children are out of school and while others lack the basic necessities to access education including uniforms, books, school levies, and poor learning conditions. We support them to go school by providing or help link them to food, clothes, school uniform, school fees, medical care and counseling services.

Orphans, girls, children living disabilities and those from poor backgrounds are most often denied access to education. This affects the children’s future, their families, and communities.

We engage with partners and stakeholders – the children, their families, communities, and governments and lobby for access to education for all children.

Household Economic Strengthening

Poverty is a leading cause of child separation and vulnerability in the communities where we work. Families are torn apart by the stresses of trying to provide for their basic needs, and children are abandoned, and exploited for financial purposes.  Household economic strengthening aims to reduce a family’s vulnerability to poverty, increase economic independence, and improve people’s ability to provide for their children.

We empower families and their guardians economically with income generating ventures: They get livestock-goats, cows, rabbits, chicken, and agricultural inputs. We give them skills in agribusiness, and table banking. We walk with them all the way. With our partners, the children’s future is secured in a sustainable manner.


Health a right of every child.

However, infant mortality is high and many children die before age 5 due to preventable causes. Poor health is a major barrier to wholesome life and many children lose critical opportunities to progress in education due to poor health. Many are unable to access health due to the long distances they have to walk to nearest health centres.

We work with partners to ensure every child has access to basic health. We support those who cannot afford in  by way of subsidies and transport support to the nearest health centres.

Sexual Reproductive Health for Adolescents

Girls are often robbed of the right to make their own life decisions dure gender inequality and discrimination. They cannot choose what happens to their bodies, to when and to whom they marry.

In Kenya, teenage pregnancy robs girls of their potential to education opportunities. They assumes adult responsibilities before age 18, they become mothers as minors and others suffer irreparable health complications for life.

Ripples International works with partners from the society, the government to enable girls access to quality sexual reproductive education and services, and eliminate harmful practices such as female genital mutilation (FGM) and child, early and forced marriage.