Settling Matters
Out Of Court

Mediation is one of the most successful ways of resolving disputes. With a view to enhancing family unit and building family relations, Ripples International advocates for mediation at the first instance as a way of settling family concerns.

Mediation now has legal basis through our constitution. As part of the ongoing judicial transformation, the judiciary has embraced mediation as one of the ways of reducing backlog of cases in court.

Benefits of Mediation

The mediator helps the parties to come up with their own tailor made solutions without inference from others. It is a win-win situation conducted in private. The process is confidential and educates the parties to the dispute and gives them the opportunity to express their issues. It is also relatively affordable in comparison to the court process.

Ideal Mediation Disputes

Mediation can be used practically in all types of disputes that are not criminal in nature. These include family disputes, child custody and maintenance, environmental disputes, disputes involving land and inheritance. Mediation is however, not applicable in cases of abuse or divorce, or separation where there is violence or threat to harm.

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