Building sustainable communities
through the power of women

Women are facilitated to come together through Self-Help Groups.

We help them form informal associations in their community with a common objective of working together for their economic, political and social development and empowerment and also for their overall area development.

Poor women are empowered to realize their own potential, and determine their destinies.

They regain power to challenge structures and systems that make the people poor, and claim their rights and privileges.

We acknowledge that poverty is not merely a lack of financial resources, and so we empower them in three main fronts; social, economic, and political.


We help build their solidarity enabling them to voice their opinions and participate in decision making in their community.


Women are equipped to engage in enterprise and generate income and build assets, enabling families to live with dignity.


Women are equipped to lead and they are empowered to claim their rights and privileges in society. The SHG Approach program has reached over 2500 women lifting over 70% of them out of absolute poverty.