Protect women and children
by using law as a tool

This is the arm of RI help that seeks to protect women and children by using law as a tool. It helps those less fortunate in the community yet aggrieved to access justice through the court process or through alternative dispute resolution process.

Our approach is geared towards justice access to survivors of violence and those whose right are being denied. In Kenya, justice is only an illusion for many. The legal process is full of hurdles that deny many vulnerable women and children their legal rights. Ripples International holds their hands along the corridors of justice.

Aims of Legal Aid program:

  1. To provide legal aid to vulnerable and marginalized persons in our areas of operation.
  2. To build the capacity of communities for self-representation and public interest litigation matters.
  3. To sensitize the community on access to justice.

Legal Matters cover:

  • We give legal aid in General Law practice with particular emphasis on family law
  • Juvenile justice
  • Mobile legal aid
  • Court watch program
  • Adoption matters
  • Public interest litigation
  • Training legal literacy advocates
  • Training clients on self-representation
  • Legal Advice/counselling/legal representation
  • Pro-bono services: preparation of court documents/moving plaints/motions in court Etc.