A healing
for girls

Tumaini Centre is founded on Biblical values and principles. The centre opened its doors in 2006 with initial support from Lady Brenda Boone from the USA. Tumaini centre facilitates, where relevant, the rescue, rehabilitation and re-integration of girls who have experienced or are constantly at risk of sexual, physical or psychological abuse. Both girls and boys are admitted in the CAPIP program although boys are supported under the community support program or are referred to other boys shelter. Tumaini centre has a residence capacity of 60 girls at any one time but can also support up to 300 children (both boys and girls) through the community support program.

Our Vision

To become an outstanding safe haven and a refuge for oppressed and vulnerable children by providing them with love, security, skill and sustenance to give them a future and hope.

Our Mission Statement

  • To provide high quality protection services covering health, legal, and counseling to children who have undergone abuse or are at risk of abuse.
  • To provide a safe and loving home for children who have undergone or are at constant risk of experiencing sexual, physical and emotional abuse which includes but is not limited to:
    • Sexual Abuse
    • FGM
    • Child Marriages
    • Child Labour
    • Physical Abuse
  • To promote recovery of physical, emotional and psycho-social
  • To protect and promote the rights and interests of the child.

Our Goals:

  • To negotiate for and rescue children aged below 17 years who are at constant risk of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse and children in need of witness protection.
  • To negotiate for and facilitate treatment and counselling for children aged below 17 years, who have undergone sexual, physical or emotional abuse.
  • To facilitate children aged below 17years to access their legal rights and to educate them on their rights.
  • Collaborate and work with the Government Line Ministries, Local and International bodies such as churches, non–government organizations, communities and individuals to facilitate in the empowerment of vulnerable children.
While at the centre the girls receive diverse services depending on the need.
Both girls and boys are admitted at the community support program.


Relief from trauma

A child survivor of abuse life is like a torn paper, the process of sticking the pieces back together requires much more than human skill; it takes a warm patient heart, it takes prayer, it takes God’s touch. Trained child therapists take the children through a fragile emotional and psychological healing process that slowly helps them to cope and come to terms with the reality of the abuse they have suffered.

The girls stay at the centre for at least six weeks receiving counselling, medical and other relevant support to recreate the life of young and tender children sometimes as young as two years old.


Emergency medical Care

Children suffer health complications due to abuse. We share in their pain by giving them appropriate urgent medical care. This is care which most children cannot afford and yet it is the difference that will assure future health or torment. Sometimes expensive surgical procedures are needed and can only be found in the big city hospitals like Nairobi. With your help we get them there and they get helped.


Holding their hands until justice is done

The children survivors of abuse are more often from poor families and many times orphans, with aged caregivers, rarely think of seeking for justice. The tedious and complicated legal processes discourage families from seeking justice for their children. It is a life of hopelessness as the perpetrators intimidate them making life unbearable for girls and their families. Many children will never see justice without a helping hand.

RI comes in to help the children and their families to access justice by having perpetrators face the law. RI supports this process through legal advice to children, the guardians, and other witnesses, through counseling, witnesses support program and aiding in evidence collection and preservation.


Building Their Future

While admitted at the RI Tumaini centre the girls continue with formal education and this support continues long after leaving the centre. Often times these girls get their first taste of formal education when they get temporary shelter at the Tumaini centre. RI works with the families to help these girls enroll in school and stay in school. It is the best sure way of escape out of vulnerability and poverty.

Individuals, families and organizations sponsor these children and help keep them safe and in school. Through this support we pay their tuition levies, school uniforms, stationery and upkeep.


Aftercare and follow-ups

Our staff of social workers and counsellors makes follow-ups of girls once they are discharged from RI Shelter back to the community support. Girls meet quarterly at the Centre together with their guardians. They undergo Group and Individual Counseling, they receive training on child rights and life skills.

They share their progress and receive updates. The caregivers are trained on how to live with the survivors of abuse. Through this aftercare program, we monitor and evaluate progress of the girls and how well they are settling down in their families and the community.


Economic Empowerment

Adolescent girls and their guardians are trained and supported in various ways to strengthen their livelihoods. The girls are sponsored for vocational skills and income generating activities to enable them live on their own after leaving the centre.