Gender Inequality in Kenya

Every day in Kenya, women are confronted by discrimination, inequality and violence. They face violence, abuse and unequal treatment at home, at work and in their wider communities – and are denied opportunities to learn, to earn and to lead.

Women form the majority of those living in poverty. They have fewer resources, less power and less influence compared to men, and can experience further inequality because of their class, ethnicity and age, as well as religious and other fundamentalism. Gender inequality is a key driver of poverty. And a fundamental denial of women’s rights.

Facts & Figures from Kenya

  • Violence again women and girls: On average 1 in 3 women and girls will experience violence or abuse in their lifetime.
  • Leadership and power: In Kenya women account for less than 23% of the Kenya’s parliamentarians both at the senate and national assembly (2017 elections).
  • Employment opportunities: A Kenyan woman is paid Sh55 for every Sh100 paid to a man for doing a similar job

Our Aims

Ripples International aims is to reduce all forms of discrimination against women and children in Public and private spheres considering trafficking, sexual and the varying forms of emerging violence. We seek to create an enabling environment by engaging men and boys as crucial partners to tackle the harmful gender norms that drive VAWG. We create the necessary strategic remedies in ensuring women and girls have access to information to drive change in social norms.