160 Girls Changed The Legal Landscape In Kenya

The “160 Girls” project is a legal advocacy initiative that aims to achieve justice and protection against rape for all girls in Kenya.

At the time this project was launched in 2011, the Center had sheltered over 160 defilement victims, between the ages of 3-17 years of age, who needed access to justice.

That figure now stands at over 366 and continues to rise by the week.  The aim of the “160 Girls” project is to hold the police and the Kenyan state accountable for the enforcement of defilement laws, and thereby meet their duty to protect girls in Kenya from this most appalling form of violence.

Another Landmark Ruling

On 28th September 2016, we are about to experience another milestone in the 160 Girls Project story. In this case, it’s the final Court ruling in another landmark case against a Police Officer who defiled an underage teen. The case comes up for ruling in Meru.

The case, which has been ongoing for the last 6 years, has hit many hurdles as the Police try to ‘protect’ their colleague from prosecution.

The policeman in question denied any wrongdoing and sought to take the sexually defiled girl as his wife, while still a minor.

A number of key witnesses have been ‘bought’, some of the Policemen tried to lose evidence against their colleague and prevented intensive investigations into the matter.

As you recount, 160 Girls is a historic ruling that held the Police accountable for taking prompt action in cases against sexually defiled girls. The Ruling made them accountable to execute justice and investigate each case comprehensively.

Nonetheless, nothing could stop the expert legal team of the country’s top lawyers from continuing with this case despite countless attempts from the Defence to throw out the case.

We believe this particular case will be another landmark ruling in our fight to access justice for underage girls who are the victims of sexual defilement.